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How to calculate Effort only for tasks that have Reportable and Actual Effort Updated from Timesheets enabled?

Project has a combination of tasks that are reportable and non-reportable.Actual Effort is calculated for both reportable and non-reportable tasks.

I need to write a workflow rule that will check if Effort from all tasks that are Reportable only is greater than a static number. If it is greater, I need to set another custom Field = Yes. If it is less than or equal to that static number, set custom field = No. Issue is, my project has reportable and non-reportable tasks. How can I calculate the effort only on reportable tasks?

Additional info: Effort for tasks that are marked reportable are coming from Timesheet entry.

Project A has task A and Task B

Task A  has Reportable and Actual Effort updated from Timesheets = ON

Task B is not reportable


Resource working on Task A has entered 5 hours (as an example) in their timesheet.

Under Actual Effort column, for Task A, I see 5 hours

Now, my workflow rule should check if this 5 hours > 10 hours.

Since it is not, I need to change a custom field (top priority project) = No

If it were yes, I would need to change Top Priority project = Yes


So far, my WFR uses Actual Effort and runs the calculation which is successful.

But when I enter criteria $Reportable = TRUE && $ActualEffortUpdatedFromTimesheet  = TRUE, the workflow rule doesn't run.


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