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Need good workflow for moving attachements

I am looking for a good methodology for moving attached documents up to a parent project.

In our workflow we generate a few crucial and highly visible JPEGs and URLs. I would like the resource assigned to these identified tasks to be able to attach their document to the task, then when approved by the manager the (latest) document is attached to the parent.

This will allow the several reviewers to see these documents in one place rather than having to drill into each subproject where they were generated.

The easy solution is to email the parent project with the attachment, but I'm looking for better.

Hopefully I missing something subtle in the handling of attached documents.

Any thoughts?



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Unfortunately there is no way to do this in the system right now since the attachments themselves are not part of the integration, but we can log this as a feature request for you.

Also in a future release (one of the later v6 releases) you will have the option to easily view all of the documents inside of the project rolled up to the project level.

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As part of our next major release (5.4, release on May), a new workflow rule action will be introduced: Move. This action will allow moving work items as well as documents between entities in the system.
This was developed to support this exact use case (we even have such a test case :-) )

The action can be used in any customization element: workflow rule, scheduled workflow rule, custom action or an InterAct rule.


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Well that's news to me as well obviously, but yes, this sounds like the exact workflow I need.

Thanks Rachel.

If you could add a feature request for a image viewer (rather than download) for these JPEGs then it's all super slick :)

As you can tell, I am trying to make my sales/management view as simple as possible.

For now I think I will build a workflow that involves sending an email from the parent project to the resource assigned, to which they need to respond with the attachment. Should cover us off for now.

Thanks for your help - more questions to come,


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