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Backup of Clarizen Account

Hello Support,

How are you doing?

I need some help in managing the account. Is there a way to take a complete backup of my organizational account. What do i do? How do i do? Can you please guide me in doing this.

There are two possible answers yes or no. If yes, Can you please provide me with all the sequence of steps to do this. If no, what is the alternative procedure in exporting the certain pieces ex: Projects, Related tasks, timesheets, Issue system, Expenses, Employees etc. This one is preferred as last option. Also some steps in doing this.

If you can provide me this support it would be of great help. Looking forward for your response.



Import from old forum Answered

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A full export is not available at the time unless you build your own export facility using the API.  You can export your projects via XML or Excel, Issues via Excel, and Timesheets + most other items via excel reports.

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