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Restricting a shared resource from deleting a task

Is there any way to restrict a resource that shares a task with another resource from deleting that shared task?

Also, by default, if a person is not assigned as a resource to a task or project, can they log time in it? We want to be able to allow team members to enter time on projects without having to add every single person to a project. Right now, they are able to do this because I have them set up as Super Users. Is that the only way to allow this - by making them Super Users?


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By default resources do not have the ability to delete a task they are assigned. They would have to be a manager, project manager, or super user to do this.

If a person is not assign as a resource to a work item, they will not be allowed to report time against it. They need to be assigned in order to have access to that item on their timesheet.

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