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How is Remaining effort updated/calculated

"I've entered 2 hours in my time sheet on a task on/for the 9th of august.

Those hours have been submitted, but not approved, so they don't show up in actual effort in the project.
On the 10th I get een update request, and say that there are still 4 hours left to work on this task.
On the 11th my timesheet entry of the 9th gets approved.

What's the impact of the hours that are approved on the remaining effort? I would say none, since it are hours that weren't approved but still were made before I made the estimate nonetheless. I made my remaining effort estimate based on the fact that I allready put in those hours.

Hours that I put in my timesheet on the 10th or the 11th (on or after the day I made the estimate) should have impact on the remaining effort once they are approved. Are my assumptions correct?"


*You are correct, the remaining effort gets calculated according to the work estimation and the actual effort. The actual effort gets updated when the timesheet hours are approved.

However, with v5.3 coming out in September 24th, you will be able to customize the calculation of remaining hours to be different, so the submitted hours will also be taken into account.

I think this should answer your scenario.


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I'm asking this, because I'm trying to get a grip on a project that needs intensive rescheduling.

Work has been done on the project, but the project was on hold for a few months.

So I requested an update progress (in hours) from all resource involved, and now I want to reschedule everybody, based on remaining effort.

But everybody is still scheduled based on Work (estimated effort)

That doesn't make sense anymore, because that schedule is allready overdue.

How would you go about with this?

Would you adjust 'work' with 'remaining effort' from the progress updates? And then reschedule?

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