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Using a Work Plan as a Worksheet to Estimate Labor Prices

I'm trying to find a way to build a project in Clarizen and quote labor prices from it before there are any resources assigned. Is there a way to assign a cost per hour AND a selling price per hour to a task and have Clarizen calculate a total cost AND total selling price or revenue based on the number of estimated hours for that task?


Design Task has a cost of $35/hr and generates $100/hr of revenue. If I estimate 4 hours of work for this task, I want Clarizen to show me $140 cost and $400 revenue. Different tasks have different revenue rates.

I'm also looking for a way to get totals by task type, i.e. All of my install type tasks have a total cost of $X with $X ammount of revenue.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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This is actually available right out of the box.  You can set hourly costs at the global, job title, or user level and rates at the global, job title, user, or work item level.  Clarizen will automatically roll up these amounts based on the number of work required for each line item. 

Totals by task type will be a little bit ore complicated.  The easiest way would be creating a report with all tasks sorted by type and then using Excel to sum each category (very easy with a pivot table).  Alternatively you can automate this using our Excel-add in.  I would recommend hopping on an advanced Q&A for more information.

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