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How to have man hours (work) override start end date?

How can I have the "hours" I input in the Work column override the start/due date columns? 

Here is an example: I have a task which will take 4 hours but the "Start date" is Dec 11 and the "Due date" is Dec 15. When I input this, Clarizen automatically adjusts my "Work" column to 40h or 5d. 

Problem is that this is not my case. The 4 hour task needs to be done within that period and I don't know how to reflect this. 

Any help ASAP please? 



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I would set the work items to fixed work, make sure to enter work first when building out a project, and also attend a Q&A forum to better understand how work and duration related to the date fields (  Duration is always the difference between start date and due date, so likely changing the dates is modifying the duration, and in a fixed duration environment--which is the default--this will change what you have in the work column.

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