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Task not showing up in timesheet

A user just brought to my attention that a task T-10301 he is a resource on is not in his timesheet anymore, but it was there last week. It shows up in the project P-6714 in the Work Plan, but not the timesheet. I went into the Work Plan and checked the properties and settings and the Reportable box was unchecked. The structure of this project has a milestone called 1st Quarter Support - Payroll M-4703 and under that is task T-10301 1st Quarter Support - Payroll and as a sub-task of that is T-11702 Smartstream abend - PayTrans. Once I checked the Reportable box on T-10301, it showed up in the timesheet. But looking at his timesheet, T-11702 is not in there (and the Reportable box is unchecked as well as the Actual Effort updated from timesheet box is unchecked. Can you explain to me the theory behind what should be in a timesheet and why some tasks are reportable and some are not? Thank you

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Hi Shel,

There are a couple of distinctions here. First, a work item can [i]either[/i] be Reportable [i]OR[/i] have its sub-items reportable. You'll notice once you check the Reportable box, the "Allow Reporting On Sub Items" box will be disabled. That said, if you want child items to be reported on, you can select the "Allow Reporting On Sub Items" option at a parent level - this will automatically make leaf child items reportable. As far as what to include in a timesheet - that's up to you; however, you most likely want child/leaf items reportable, so when creating a project, you should first ensure its "Allow Reporting On Sub Items" option is checked. Note, also, that the progress of child items rolls up to parent items by default.

Secondly, if you check the "Actual Effort Updated from Timesheets" box, this indicates that your users will not be able to enter actual effort in the work plan and will only be able to enter it in the timesheet. Furthermore, the actual effort and remaining effort on the task will be updated with the information logged in the timesheet.

Have a look at the following section of the documentation for more information:


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