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Removal of read only projects, etc

First post, on trial of this PM tool, love it, but it sure is quirky.


1) How do I remove admin rights to the "original" person who started the trial or licence? In this case, I originally started with my personal gmail account and such, I have since created me with my work credentials and now, I want to get rid of the "original" user, but it seems the admin rights are read only and can not be changed

2) How do you delete a read only project. This goes back to question #1. When I change the PM to someone other than the "original" user, the project becomes read only and can no longer be changed or deleted

Once I get these ironed out, I will have a few more, but I an fairly satisfied with what I am seeing so far.

Many thanks.


Import from old forum Answered

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1.) It would be easier to just change the email address and contact information (if needed) of the original user that you created.  Otherwise you will have to give the new user you created admin rights, then log in with that new user, then remove admin rights from the original user.

2.) In order to delete a project you need to have the proper permissions.  If a project is grayed out, that means that you do not have access to edit or delete that project.  If you make sure that your new user has admin and super user rights, that account will always be able to delete or modify any project in the account.  Otherwise, you have to be either the project manager or manager of the project to be able to delete the whole project.

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