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Can I give only permission to the project manager to modify dates / make changes on the project?

I want to limit the permissions on the projects, for example, I want only the manager or whoever (that I decided) can make changes on the project (dates, % complete, resources, add/delete work items, etc.)

Maria Munguia Cobos Answered

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Hi Maria,

  There are two ways a user can view & modify a project/work item:

  1. "Super User" permission on the user profile which give the user access to view and modify any project/milestone/task/issue in the system regardless of role  (more on permissions here:
  2. The user's specific role(s) within a project:

In your case, you will want to set the Manager field for the work items to delegate control of the planned dates, work, resource assignment for the specific work item (and its children).


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