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Assigning a resource to a task


I'd like to ask why is it that when I assign a "regular" (non-admin/non-super user) resource to a task, that resource isn't able

to change the "life cycle state" of the task (activate/completed/on hold/etc..) but the only way for him to be able to change that is if that resource is assigned as manager of that specific task. As the resource assigned to a task, the only thing that he can do is change the percentage of completion, which is something that that resource is at least should be able to do. I'm a bit confused because I think that once a person is assigned to a task, that person should have the ability to at least change the status unless my understanding of what an assigned resource is capable of is wrong.

Miguel Villarroel Answered

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Miguel - In Clarizen there are four roles: PM - The person responsible for delivering the project, Manager (Work Item - Mgr) - Someone that is assisting the PM and has been designated a phase or 'chunk' of work to manage, Reviewer - A licensed user that has "read-only" access to the project plan and Resource - The individual responsible for updating the progress of the task(s).

The lifecycle state you refer to is considered a part of Project Scope and only the PM and designated Manager are allowed to change/edit scope. Resources are only allowed to and are responsible for updating the progress of their assigned tasks. If you'd like the resource to also be able to edit 'scope' e.g. Start/Due dates, Work, Duration and Lifecycle state then that person should also be assigned as the Manager for that Work Item.

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