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Wiki, idea management and newsstream


I found your project management solution on "" where is written, that clarizen contains a project-wiki and the possibility of idea management. Can you tell me how to find both in the project management platform - I could not find it.

The second question I have is if there is something like a social media newsstream which you can put on the starting page of the project management? It would be helpful to enter news or ask public questions!


Thank you for your help


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I also came to Clarizen after seeing risk management, portfolio management and idea management listed as features on many review sites.  However, after trialing Clarizen, and reading the forums and the manual, it appears that all the review sites steal the same inaccurate feature list from each other, rather than really evaluating the tool for themselves.  Because as far as I can see, Clarizen really doesn't do any of those things much.  And idea management not at all.

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Let me confirm some of these. I agree that some of these review sites are not always accurate but asking Clarizen as you have here is your best route...

1 - Portfolio/Project Management - This is fully supported and is the Primary function of the software. If either of you feel you could not do something within the Project Management functionality, let me know.

2 - Project-Wiki - I would need more information to better understand what your requirement here is. We have projects but what do you mean by Project-Wiki. We have the functionality to search any data within the system, whether it is Projects, Tasks, Collaboration, etc. either within the Projects or using our Global Search which searches the entire Clarizen system.

3 - Social Media/News stream - This is our Social Collaboration functionality which is a very popular function of Clarizen where you can do everything mentioned and more. Not only you can you put the Social on the starting page (make it the user's Home Page) of the project management? It would allow you to add comments, news or ask public questions! You can even create Groups and post to specific Groups. Also within Social, is our ability to reference objects. While adding posts, you can reference any object within the system similar to Social Media websites like Twitter and Facebook. You can use the @ symbol to reference Users and Groups. You can use the # symbol to reference/link objects to the discussion. Objects include links to Projects, Milestones, Tasks, Files, Customers, etc. Also, just added was the + symbol that allows you to create new items on the fly such as new Projects, Tasks, etc.

4 - Risk Management - This is a function of the system and is supported using our Cases Module which includes Issues, Bug, Requests and Risks. Here is a good article regarding Issue Management...

There are a number of other articles in our Forum that can be found if you search for Risk Management or Issue management.

5 - Idea Management - Depending on what you want to do here it may work for you. You can use the Requests functionality within the Issue Management to bring the Ideas into the Clarizen System and then use Social to have public, private or Group discussions regarding the Ideas. As for a Wiki for Ideas or Articles, we do not have this functionality.

Hope this information helps.



Boris Krutiy


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