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Using Excel add-in I'm trying to import the resources assigned to a task.

Doesn't appear that i can get the resources for the task, just the project level and when it does, it gives:


<tr><td>Connector Product</td><td></td><td>100</td></tr><tr><td>


What am I doing wrong? 

Bryan Mumma Answered

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Hi Bryan,


  Within the Excel Add-in, you are not able to pull a one-to-many relationship, only a one-to-one lookup, in query.  For example, within a task query, for example, you can pull the project's name, the project manager's name, and the project manager's direct manager.  All of these are one-to-one lookup relationships.  Since there may be multiple resources assigned to a single task, this constitutes a one (task) to many (resources) relationship.  You can pull this information into the Excel Add-in by using the Resource Link query.  See a screenshot here:


More information about the Clarizen Data Model and relationships can be found here:

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