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System calculated date & Restore



How does Clarizen come up with System calculated dates?  When I entered dates, many cells had a blue triangle on the cell.  When I clicked 'Restore', it pulled up random dates and messed up my project plan.  When should I restore the value and when should I ignore?

Nverci01 Answered

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The system calculated dates are based on the start date or end date of the parent (depending on whether scheduling is As Soon as Possible or As Late as Possible) and dependencies.  The best practices is not to set any dates manually and to let the duration field and dependencies do all of the work.  Any date you set manually will override the system calculated date and prevent the dependencies from scheduling the project.  There are many intricacies here, so I would recommend hopping on a Q&A webinar ( to thoroughly go over your scenarios with scheduling.

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