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Opening XML file in Clarizen

We have created an XML file that conforms to the MS Project XML format but can’t seem to open this in Clarizen. The XML file opens fine in Project 2007, Project 2010 and Project 2013 but not in Clarizen when I import it.

I get an error message that says:

 “There is an error in XML document (12,3)”

I have attached the file. Can you tell me what information we need to include in the XML file for this to open in Clarizen? 



Jim Spiller Answered

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Was this an XML file that was saved in Microsoft Project?  The XML will ONLY work if it was saved from within MS Project and not using any other application, even if MS Project will open the file. What you will have to do is resave it as an XML file from within MS Project and that should do the trick.

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