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Issue handling/team customer support


We want to use Clarizen for our customer support department as well as for projects.


  • Customers will each have a Social license but they will report using e-mail via a web form for which I have created an Interact rule that creates an issue (based on an app in the market)
  • There are 4 people in the group all with a full license
  • One is team lead but everyone is allowed to assign cases to either themselves or each other

In order to create an incoming queue, I have created an "empty"/generic user who a member of their user group and who is assigned all issues when they come in.

They are all employing the Team view. My idea was to let everyone pick/assign issues from the generic resource to themselves/each other. They should not all be assigned to new incoming issues.

However, this does not work:

  • The team members cannot see the issues on the generic user - and
  • If I add them as followers, they can see the issue but still not reassign it.

What do I need to do - and what do I need to update the InterAct rule with in order for this to happen automatically?

And then a general question: I do not get why you cannot register time on an issue but need to create a Task to register time on. What is the rationale behind this?

Peter Fjelsten Answered

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I would recommend a custom action that ignores permissions for reassigning the issues to themselves. As for the rationale, I don't think there is a good reason besides development priorities. The plan is to allow time to be recorded against issues in the future, but it has not been committed to a specific release yet. 

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