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Best Practice Milestone Setup

Hello, fairly new to clarizen and trying to figure this all out.

What would be the best practice to set up milestones.  I have 6 major deadlines I have to meet for each project i work on.  I created a milestone template called for example "Sellers"  When I work with a seller project I add the seller template to my workplan.  The problems I am running into are:

I have a set start date.  All milestone are dependent on that start date as day 0.  For example the first deadline would be 7 days after the start date.  The second deadline is 15 days after the start date and so one.  No project is the same so I would like to manually add in the milestone/deadline due date for each project.  So the problem I am having in clarizen is that the due dates change the start dates.  How can I manage it milestones to maintain the same start date?

  1. Best Practice question?  I created a milestone template will all 6 deadlines in one template and tasks associated to each milestone.  Is this the best practice or should I create a milestone template for each one of my deadlines?

  2. I would like to see my deadlines on my calendar and also pull a report that shows all the projects by that particular milestone.


Thank you 


Monica Vazquez Answered

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1.)  Ideally you would using dependencies to sequence the project and avoid manually setting the dates. If you shift out the start/due date of the project it would impact all of your milestones.  I would hop on one of our Q&A webinars to see this in action and deep dive into scheduling (

2.) That depends on whether or not the milestones are usually the same from one project to another.  If so, I would templatize the project, otherwise I would go with the milestones.

3.) For the calendar you can use the ical integration, a roadmap view, or gantt charts. As for the report, if your milestones all have the same name (or you set a field like milestone type the same for each type of milestone) you can easily create a report for this. You can also use the Milestones or Work Items pages to view this data in a report-like interactive view.

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