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I would like to have 1:1 support for approximately 3-4 hours

I'd like to request one of the facilitators of the Intermediate Q&A sessions join my team meetings for a cumulative total of 3-4 hours of support spanning across 2 weeks.

I'm hoping that someone can reach out to me to let me know what my options might be for such support, and what costs I'm looking at? I feel that this would expedite our success in leveraging the tool, as we meet and consistantly take questions away for follow up (the Q&A sessions only allow for 2-3 questions per person).



Marcia Duiker Answered

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Hello Marcia,

Clarizen has Quickstart packages, which are packs of interactive professional service hours which can be used for training, consulting, customizations and more.

I believe such a pack would be beneficial to you as it would indeed provide you 1 on 1 time with your customer success and be focused on the use case for your company.

I invite you to contact your account manager Stu Meinert or your cusotmer success manager Beata Genthner for further details.

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