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Time Pending for Resources – Resource view change between v5.4 and v6

See below. Is there a way to do this in V6?


  • When inside a project folder in v5.4, I could:
  • Highlight a milestone.
  • Open the Resources panel.
  • All resources assigned to the milestone displayed with a column for Pending Time.
  • I quickly identified who hadn’t reported time and contacted only that individual.

  • I often used that quick look up and would appreciate having it again. For example:

  • Auditing my LearnSource project, I can see there is 6.25 hours of pending time for Course Owner Meetings.

  • But, there’s been meetings since Q3 2013.

  • If I had the quick view, I could find the person(s) who had the time pending and send them a message.

  • It appears my only option now is to send everyone an email. Not my preference.

Alissa Brown Answered

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You can do something very similar.  I would create a new view and format the layout to be "Work Plan."  In the resource section of the view creation/edit screen, you can click manage and choose which fields will get displayed in the resource panes. Just set Pending Time to be one of the first 4 fields and you will see that in the resource panel on the right when selecting various work items such as milestones.

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