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Connect a Request to a Task

I have a Custom Action for a Request, which is supposed to create a Task in the To-Do list, and then tie the Task to the Request.  The Custom Action has an sub-action for "New Item", and it creates a "Task" and sets some appropriate fields.  It then has another sub-action, again for a "New Item", and this time it creates a "Related Work".  This is setup as shown in the attached "Create Related Work" image.

When I run this action, the Task is created without any issues.

I then have another Custom Action, but this one is for a Task, and what I want this to do is when the Task's State switches to "Active", I want to come back and update a field on the associate Request.  Based on what I have been told on previous posts, this should be pretty straight forward but it does not seem to work.  I have attached another image showing how this rule is set up, "Update Task's Request to Active Stage".

However, when I try to test this out by changing the state of my Task to "Active", the workflow is not updating the valued in the associated Request.

Did I do something incorrectly in the Custom Action which ties the Request to the Tie?



Chris Corbin Answered

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Hi Chris, 


According to the evaluation criteria, the rule will fire when the Task Request Type does not equal Project, so the rule is watching that field.

Is that what you want? Don't you want $State = 'Active'?

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