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Creating a sign-off workflow document

We are currently trialling Clarizen. We want to first build a standard project template. I have been into your template module but cannot see how you add milestones and tasks.... i'm sure this is just training. However, we would like to have a number of mandatory task that cannot progress unless a document has been created by the analyst and approved by the sponsor or project manager. So for example, There should be a cost benefit document and an definition document signed-off before we progress to planning etc. There maybe a number of other check-points. It is not clear how we integrate these features as part of a workflow within a template.

In addition, it would be good if the document could be sent out by email and a response received which automatically signs the task off.

This is a key issue for us that we would like to get working as part of our POC.





steve danby Answered

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Hello Steve,

You are able to find more information about how to create milestones through the following article on our Wiki:

And more information about how to create a task, click here:


For the other requirements , I suggest you consult with Daniel Cohen, your account executive to discuss the requirements for the POC.



Eran Fishov 




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