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Why it is required to fill out your timesheet if you are on vacation

Dear Clarizen Team,


One of my colleagues was on vacation last week and he gets the reminder that he have to update the timesheet for the last week.

We checked together and his calendar is updated with all exceptions. How can we stop the reminder if there is a exception in the calendar? Do we have to submit a timesheet in this case without content?




Dimitrios Dimos Answered

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I'll be the first to admin that this reminder is not very intelligent.  If there is any opportunity to report time for that day on someone's timesheet, then the remind will go out.  I tend to disable this reminder entirely (if you are reporting time, you are likely doing it regularly and don't need an email to remind you).  There is also a more intelligent version of these emails that lets you set a threshold of hours and will only notify you if that threshold has not been met (ex: 40 hours).  However, that will still not address the vacation scenario.

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