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Removing set start date on a task in order for predecessors to take effect in setting start date

I created a WBS with an initial schedule.

I went back and assigned predecessors to each task

Additionally, I added a new task early in the project which should have had the effect of pushing all other tasks

to the right since they now had predecessors. However, since I originally had given the tasks start dates this is not true.

How do I fix my WBS so that it uses the predecessor linkages instead of the fixed dates?

Ronald McKenna Answered

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You would have to clear out all of the fixed dates so that the dependency can calculate properly. The easiest way to do this is to select to project, go to the misc tab, then pick reschedule branch.  Choose the second radio button option to reset the dates, and that will clear out all of the manual dates throughout the project except for the project level.  You can also go one by one, clicking on each date and then hitting the "restore" link.

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Every time I import a project using the "Import from MS" Project" action from the New Icon it imports the project correctly but all the tasks automatically are given the "Start Date was set by user" and "Due Date was set by user". The most recent project was from the Playground environment in Clarizen to a production environment so this is a true apples to apples comparison. Is there anyway when I import xml files from MS Project that I wont see the manually set triangles in the start and due dates columns?


In addition the Reschedule branch only works at a project level and not a task level. That is why a work around when importing would be very beneficial



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