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Updating users default % availability of an EXISTING project


I have an issue whereby a user had a default % availability for new projects of 60% when a given project was created and this has subsequently changed to 100%. However when assigning tasks to them within the existing project the work he is given when he is one of a number of resources on a single tasks is still split based on his old availability . 

This is only an issue on the project created when he was at 60%, new projects are fine, cleary there is a settig on the old project somewhere that says what is % availability is. 

What I need ot do is to update this setting on this project to 100%. How can this be done? 

Creating a new or cloning the existing project wont really work well I dont think as this project has been running for a while and has lots of time booked to it and t will continue to run for a few more major phases. Having his resourcing coming up wrong for every task is pretty frustrating. 



Douglas Guthrie Answered

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Odds are that the old Project that shows 60% availability is either set that way based on the Work and Duration set at the Task level OR if this is at the Project level, it is likely the Max Availability for the Project setting. To change it, go to the Project and expand the Resource Panel. You should see the Maximum Project Availability which is 100% by default but if this was set for the user at 60% and can be changed.

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