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Deadline planning

In Many projects  you set a desired Deadline and plan backwards from that rather than forward from a start date . How do I don that please?

Patrick Duffy Answered

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Hi Patrick, 

You can always manually set a start date. Once you do that and create sub work items on that project, the due date will update automatically because it is considered a roll up field based on the sub work items. Or are you referring to Baseline?

Tom Do 0 votes


I believe you are referring to the Constraint Type of a work item. By default and most commonly used is ASAP, As Soon As Possible but when creating work items (Projects, Tasks, etc) you can select ALAP, As Late as Possible and provide the Due Date instead of the Start Date. Then add your work items within the Project or child tasks under the Task. The work items should auto-calculate the Start Date based on the Work/Duration you specify so that the Project will END on the desired Due Date. 

Is this what you are looking for? If not, please provide more detail.

Boris Krutiy 0 votes