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Milestones and related tasks



I am using the trail and have a question concerning milestone and related tasks


I created a milestone called “Staffing Related”,  I then added a task “Define 2015 Objectives” but as you can see below it appears twice in the project plan, once under the milestone where I want it to be and once after the milestone, is this normal to show the task twice?


sean stoyles Answered

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Hi Sean,

You have opened a case with us regarding this but I will go ahead and answer it in the forum as well:


"This is actually due to the filtering. I do not know what you have for your filters, but there are a few filter options that does this. What is going on is that it will show all work items but if there are work items with sub items, it will have that "+" sign. There you can expand and see the sub tasks. That is how our filtering functionality works. As mentioned, I do not know what filtering option you have but the best way is to clear all filters and start over again. Some filters, like active and draft state, will produce duplicate results. You will see duplicates if you have those filters on because as mentioned any work items with sub work items will have the "+". To work around this, you would collapse all items so no work items expand. "

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