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How do I allocate resources per task?


The resources in our company work on many tasks simultaneously (tasks on the same or on different projects).

When entering a new task- how can I allocate a resource to only work part time on that task? 

For example, a task's duration may be 5 working days, but a resource will only work half time on this task for that period? 


Dror Weinberg

Project management, EarlySense

Dror Answered

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There are a few options. You can look at the Resource Load for a User to see when/where they have availability. You can also us the Maximum Unit % /  Availability per Project. This is a setting on the Project level but you need to expand the Resource Panel. This will allow you to specify the Unit % Availability for the Project. The default is 100

Along with that, you may also find the following useful. This is an App from the Marketplace that allows you to allocate Resources by Skill...

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