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Current & Past Due Task View, with Recurring Tasks

Hello, is there a way for us to have a view that includes, say, just tasks due this week and that are overdue?  Also, I notice that when it's a recurring task, the due date is the final due date, not the next one.  So if we are doing a recurring task every week, it is showing a due date in Dec, rather than this week.

Thank you.

Liz Cox Answered

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Hi Liz,

Great question! To create a view click on the current view and New or Save View As. See link:

1) View that includes only tasks due this week, navigate to a Due Date column and filter by: This week > Save. See link:

2) View with tasks that are overdue, add a column Status and filter by: At Risk > Save.

For further clarification, please hop on one of our daily Q&A webinars (see the link-> ) and ask for a demo. These are great resources for free consulting with our Customer Success Managers and visual answers to your questions.

All the best,


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