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Posting a question to one person

Where is the best place to post a question using the @ sign to just that person so they are the only one to receive an e-mail but the question is recorded on their user profile?  Thanks.

Karen Lewis Answered

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Hi Karen,

There isn't really a 'best place' because who receives the notification will also depend on who is following the work-item or case or whatever the current object is.

You could post a question to their user profile so that only they and their followers will receive the notification.

If this is a common use case where several people will post questions to one person, then maybe you can see a separate discussion group just for that user to answer questions, sort of in a 'forum-esque' format, kind of like 'Reddit'. As long as no one follow the group, only he/she will receive the email notifications.

Hope this helps!

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