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How to @ mention a Clarizen User via Email or Custom Action

How to @ mention in an email or Custom Action:

User name = Eyal Jones

Type in the email (you have a few options): 





The Rules

  • @firstname will work if there's only one user in the account with that first name.
  • When there is more than one such user, you should hint the system by using the last name. Either take the first few letters from the last name and append to the firstname or separate by using a . (dot). 

'Real Life' Scenario:

Up until recently, I was the only Eyal Jones in the office and things were quite simple. You could just @eyal me and I would get notified. Now that Eyal Smith has joined, things are a bit more complicated.. (at least when it comes to mentioning me in post..).

You now have a few options:

@eyalj, @eyal.jones and @eyaljones will all work.

To mention Eyal Smith you could use @eyals or @eyal.smith or @eyalsmith

What if we have 2 users with the same initials i.e. Ryan Gosling and Ryan Grand?

Ryan Gosling recently joined our team causing a "duplicate" with Ryan Grand if using @RyanG.

Using @RyanG will not work since it is still applicable to both. Just add another letter and use @ryango or @ryangr to differentiate.

Vanessa Michau Answered

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