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Repeat Task dependency

I love the repeat task function for the most part-it is a great time saver in setting up new projects.

The main issue is that it is not linkable to other tasks at the top level.

You can make dependencies to the generated tasks but if you link the first task in the list to another item it does not effect the other tasks that come after it.

It is possible to set up a workflow rule that will automatically build dependencies?

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Our product team can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think this is possible for recurring tasks at the moment.

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Hi Lee,
If I understand you correctly, you would like that once a dependency is created to task X (which is part of recurring tasks groups), you would want the rest of the following recurring tasks to be dependent on task X.
Basically, you would need to iterate through the following tasks and for each create a dependency. Today, you are able to run every workflow rule action, but "New Object", in iteration on related entities.
In 5.4 (release in May), we are adding that capability also for the "New Object" action.

Until then, there might be some work around for achieving that, using Workflow rule that sends an InterAct email to each of the dependencies, that will trigger that dependency addition for each task :-)

If you are interested in hearing more about that, email me to:


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