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Already listed for development or possibly new?

Template Sharing Between Users - Good News! Tentative for v5 with the Clarizen Marketplace, but this is one item that could easily be pushed back to a later release.

Consolidated information archiving back to corporate datastores - Should be possible now with our API, but will also be rolled out in a future release with fewer technical/customization requirements.

Customers filter on Home Page - Not in the queue yet, but may be possible in v6. Will have to check sooner to v6 launch.

Business Case Templates for Projects - You should be able to do something like this with custom fields coming soon.

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Hi there.... some thoughts from some work I've done today with Clarizen...

Template Sharing between Users - If someone has a great workflow embedded in a template and they want to share it with me, I'd like to be able to port it into my enviromnent within Clarizen rather than having to recreate it....

Consolidated information archiving back to corporate datastores - I have to maintain function even if I lose connectivity to Clarizen. Therefore, it would be fantastic to have an archiving process that can access my corporate datastore - this could be near real-time or historical.

Customers filter on Home Page - I'd still love to see a means of selecting all the work I have for a specific customer so that it'd be quick to access the one client I need to work with and all their projects/activities that I'm involved with.

Business Case Templates for Projects - this tab on Project Properties shows a little promise and highlights some other gaps... I'd suggest a set of metrics for project selection - based on size of group affected - single user, team, department, division, whole of org; and cost profile - these would then fed the small, medium, large project size.



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