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Inbound Email Handling

I think that is definitely the next step in our collaboration plans. Great feature requests, I completely agree. As for the email notifications, we have to be very careful because it will be easy to start getting hundreds of Clarizen emails each days and users can start ignoring those emails. This will likely be an optional feature in the future.

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While it is great that we can send outbound email from Clarizen to resources on a task, it would be a great next step if the recipient of the email could 'reply all' and have the inbound email response also handled by Clarizen in the expected manner (attached to the same task as a reply to the outbound email).

This request is just one of many to have much more of the clarizen interaction happen through email. For example posts should be able to automatically email the resource team associated with the task where the post was made and their email responses automatically added to the posts as if it were done in the system (not as an attached email). Notes should have a similar feature. This will help with user adoption if users are continuously able to interact with Clarizen through email as well as the web interface for more real-time interaction and not just weekly status.

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