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Attaching documents on a reporting progress via email

  • Were using the V 5.4. We set-up our major task in such a way resources/users could not update the task to 100% complete if the required documents was not attached to the specific task.
  • Our resources/user update their task using the quick update option. on this option, we can only update our task that requires documents up to 99%. What we are currently doing now is sent a sepatrate email with the required documents attach on it  to the program manager/project leader. Once, received, the program manager attach the received documents in the clarizen and update the task to 100%.
  • My idea is that why not we put an option to attach a document during updating the task on the quick update report progress. when report was submitted, the attached documents together with the update will be directly go/link to the specific task.
Arnel Almendrala Answered

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I have great news for you. In the v6 release that is being rolled out now, that functionality is already baked in. You will notice a new icon next to each line item in v6 progress emails that open up an "Interact" email, allowing you to easily attach documents to that task. To schedule your upgrade to v6, just head over to!

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