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Send E-Mail with own Smart Relay Host and SMTP Authentification

Currently e-mails are sent by symantec message labs. This cause a few problems if the sender address is an own e.g. address


  1. You must include SPF from messagelabs to your own domains. That may cause to much recursion.
  2. Recently I get a notice that ist blocked by That's very bad! I will not whitelist messagelabs because a lot of trash will also send with their server.
  3. I could not use my own DKIMs!

 The simplest way is that you provide a function, that allows use to you use their own mail infrastructure!

Eg. In "Global Settings" -> "Admin Page"  Right after  7.23

-> 7.23.1 SMTP Relay Server 

-> 7.23.2 SMTP Relay Server Port

-> 7.23.3 SMTP Relay Server SSL/TLS Mode

-> 7.23.4 SMTP Authentification User

-> 7.23.5 SMTP Authentification Password

-> 7.23.6 SMTP Authentification Mode (PLAIN, MD5-CRAM MD5-DIGEST etc.)

Hope you agree with my idea. It would be great with this function is an option to the regular e-mail.

Thanks in advanced.



Martin Monnier Answered

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You do not need to whitelist message labs, just the Clarizen domain.

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