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Make OrganizationNow() or Today() available in Custom Field

I have several fields I'd like to make compare themselves to "today". For example, I have a field that shows the number of overdue tasks on a project. Here's the logic:

( TargetObject.DueDate < $C_DateToday ) && ( TargetObject.State = 'Active' ) && ( TargetObject.EntityType = 'Task' )


It'd be great to be able to replace $C_DateToday with OrganizationNow() (or the date component, but I guess we could trim that out with another function).


Since ToOrganizationalTime() Is available, but Today() isn't, I can't use that. Unless I'm missing something, which is always possible. :)



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Jeff, Today() isn't available on a custom field, unfortunately.  What you'd need to do is have Custom field that would be updated by a  scheduled work flow that runs daily around midnight.  Then you are able to compare to other fields.

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