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Ability to edit discussion posts

With the use of MoM and such editing posts would be an ideal feature.  Typos and such happen, having to recreate is time consuming and also changes the intended post ordering



Tdaugherty Not planned

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It's been almost 5 years since this request was first posted. Let me reiterate that, 5 years. People have built entire companies in less time. This seems a lot like there is either no desire to implement this feature, or there is an inexcusable amount of feet-dragging occurring. I cannot see any reasonably logical justification for this very basic, standard function not having been introduced years ago. The "what if someone makes changes in the discussion while others are replying" rationale is not one that is valid or viable as it has been demonstrated by numerous platforms not to have any appreciable effect on the integrity of the discussion. The absence of this feature, along with the dashboard's inability to refresh automatically, considerably reduces the usability and value of this software.

James Thompson 2 votes
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