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Can't Rename Our-Of-Box Views, Can't Make Custom Views Defaults

I would like to:

  • Set our custom views as default views for projects, tasks etc.  However, I can only select the out-of-the box views that come with Clarizen as default views.
  • OK, no problem I think, I'll just modify and rename those out of the box views to what we need them to be.  Except those views can't be renamed!

So it's a Catch 22.  So the feature request is either:

  • Let users rename the out-of-the box views.  This should be quite simple programmatically.

  • Let users select custom views as default views.

Here is a use case of why I need this.  I've employed certain filters on some views I wanted to make defaults.  It's supremely important to be able to give these view names that make the user aware of the filters that are engaged and also reflect how we've always structured views.  So I'm stuck because I can't make the custom views defaults, and can't rename the out-of-the-box views.

Lastly, it's typically considered a best practice when customizing software to leave all the out-of-the-box settings as is and hide them, then copy them to create customized views.  Another reason it would be nice to be able to just select custom views as defaults.

Here is another request I found for this but since it's not in the request forum I posted a new thread here.




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I have created a feature request for you regarding this. The feature request number is CR-250766.

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