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Adding the project name to discussion groups posts and e-mail

We have groups in our company that have tasks on many project. They start discussions from task/milestone , the followers are outside vendors that get and reply to email from these discussion. As the project name is not on the email/post they do not know what project the post/e-mail is referred to. In addition when looking on the news feed the internal users see many post from the same outside vendors but do not know what project they refer to. 

Matti Herzberg Not planned

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Hi Herzbergm,

Thank you for your idea and working with us to improve our product.

I've logged a feature request on your behalf. Our product team will review it for future product development. For your reference, the ID number is CR-221361. You can check back with us periodically for updates or when the feature is released, it will appear in our product updates blog:

Vanessa Michau 0 votes

Upvoting this.  We need more configuration options on discussion email subject lines, the most critical being Project Name

Jason Ray 0 votes