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Give users to select which "tasks" can be added to Outlook via the ical integration

From: Aman Singh []

Sent: Monday, October 6, 2014 1:20 PM

To: Houston, Terrance

Cc: Tamir Avital

Subject: Intermediate Webinar Follow-up


Hello Terrance,


Just wanted to follow-up with you on your question from last week’s intermediate Q&A webinar i.e. Is it possible to show only certain tasks from a work plan on one's calendar via iCal integration?


Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to show only certain tasks from a project on one’s outlook calendar. Once you turn on the iCal integration, you get to choose between Project, Milestones, or Tasks but once you select an object all items of that object type will show on the calendar of your choice. However, I do think that this makes for a good feature request, I recommend that you submit a new feature request for it. You can do that here - Click on_ Submit an Idea._



Aman Singh | Enterprise Customer Success Manager

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Terrance Houston Not planned

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Hi Terrance,

Thank you for your feedback and continuing to work with us to improve our product. I've logged your feature request internally. For your reference, the ID is CR-228060.

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