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Adding variable by project for the Highlight Report

It would be great if the Highlight Report was configurable by Project to allow the reporting period to vary from 7 days

Also, tasks completed, tasks delayed, tasks with Risks associated with them (tasks and/or milestones)

Stephen Goodwin Answered

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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your suggestion. The Project Highlight Report is actually just a custom action that has been prepackaged into what we call an "App" in the Apps Marketplace.

What I recommend (to see if it's possible) is to post to our Customizations Q&A forum to see if something can be done there. If it is not possible I'll be happy to log a change request for you. Here is a direct link to the forum:

You can also join our Advanced Q&A Webinar where our Customer Success Managers offer free consulting and solutions to your use case. Click here to register:

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