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Chatter Integration!

Are you using Salesforce Chatter? 

Already you can subscribe to Clarizen Projects, Milestones and Issues for updates via Chatter.... but we think we can do more. 

Would you like to see better integration between Salesforce Chatter and Clarizen?

What sorts of capabilities would you like to see?

David Goulden

Customer Success Manager


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There no any clarizen task integration with salesforce tasks (only milestones) Why?????. How you want to use chatter without this integration? Milestones is abstract items.

By the way. clarizen have not any integration with ms exchange tasks too. Sync process with salesforce looks like strange, not via push, only via scheduling sync! Once per day! You are joking? All this issues must be done yesterday. Look at your competitor "project cloud"! It's solution excellent for salesforce! Without any crutches like sync scheduling. update buttons and absent tasks in salesforce add on.


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The use case for SF integration is for the sale team to be able to initiate projects from SFDC and track those projects as they are being executed. Task management should be done in Clarizen, our mobile app, progress emails, or Clarizen Anywhere.  If we brought the task management piece into SF, we would have to require that all SF users also have Clarizen licenses. Project Cloud looks like it is just an appexchange app and not a standalone solution.

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