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Defining Visibility of Tasks in Timesheets

There are a few scenarios/situations that end-users should be aware of for Tasks showing up in Timesheets.

 In order for a user to see a Task in their Timesheet, the following must apply:

  • The Task is configured as Reportable
  • The User is a Resource on the Task
  • The Resource is Active, if set to Inactive, the Task will not be seen. See below for further information on Inactive Resource links.
  • The Task is Active (not Complete)
  • Note – There is a system setting that, if set to ON, allows you to add time after a Task is completed.

Further details and behavior to be aware of, when the status of the link (Resource) is not active, here is how the system

handles the Task:

  • don't show the task in the timesheets of this user
  • show the task in the resource load (planned work) only until this 'not active' date
  • don't show the resource on individual reporting link (in the UI popup)
  • don't take the resource into account for the remaining effort in shared reporting (if you have 3 resources and one is not active, the remaining work divided 50-50 between the active ones and not 33-33-33 with the inactive one)
  • timesheets reminds on the old resource
Boris Krutiy Answered

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It should go back as far as you want. I tested by clearing all filters on the Timesheet view except for State=Completed and set the Time frame to desired week. You can also add another field such as Project or Parent Project to filter by Project Name or any other field desired. I was able to verify that this works as expected. If you continue to have issues, click on the Post actions drop down to the right of your post/comment and select create a ticket to have the support team take a closer look.


Thank you

Boris Krutiy
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Hi Boris,

I have a related issue to your post because:

  1. I' ve set as ON the system setting to allow users add time after a Task is completed.
  2. I can see a completed task during certain period before its end, but not later.

How much time It's possible to see a completed task in the timesheet panel?.

Thanks and best regards,

Eneko Sola

Eneko Esola 0 votes
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RE: "The Task is Active (not Complete)"

The term "Active" is confusing as it refers to the 'State' of a task.  Tasks appear in our timesheets whether they are in 'Active' or 'Draft' state, but do not appear if in a "Cancelled" or "Completed" state.  I could not find any information in the Clarizen User Manual whether 'Requested' tasks appear in timesheets or not.

Jonathan Lang 0 votes
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