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Outbound calls

Hi just wanting some more info on using Outbound Calls in Workflow Rules.

Ideally I would like to pass 2 addresses to Google Maps API and have it return the distance but I can add the outbound call action in but from there ??? i.e how do i get the result returned to update a field?

Any assistance would be appreciated or perhaps a future enhancement to allow distance between resource and customer on a task/project etc.

Thanks Andrew

P.S cant figure out how to resend my login/pass for Community

Import from old forum Answered

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Hi Andrew,

You can not take the result of an outbound calls and update a field with it. For your scenario, the following can work:
1. Perform an outbound call to a web service you develop on your side
2. Have the service call the Google Maps APIs
3. In your web service, take the result of the distance and call our web service API to update the relevant field.

Let me know if this can work for you.


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