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Data types error message for new custom field

Attempting to create a new custom field (Percentage) and I’m running into an error message (Data types Duration and Numeric not compatible for '-' operation) that I’ve not been able to resolve.  The new custom field is a calculation based on two other existing custom fields, both of the existing fields are also calculations (we’ll call them FieldA and FieldB). 

FieldA is a Numeric/Formula field based on the sum of other duration fields (hours).  Field B is a Duration/Formula field based on projecting out project hours (Actual Effort / % Complete).

The calculation I’m attempting is (FieldA-FieldB)/Field B.

Is there a formula I can use to resolve the error message or an easy way to change the data type of the existing custom FieldA & FieldB?

Kevin Fulmer Answered

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Hi Kevin,


That's a great question! Basically you're trying to perform a subtraction on two different field types. In your case is numeric and duration. So in order to make it successful you need to confer FieldB to numeric value (covering FieldA doesn't make sense since the final output is numeric).

The formula should be something like this (FieldA-FieldB/Hours(1))/FieldB/Hours(1)

Please let me now if that worked out for you!




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