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CustomPanel - Related Tasks to a Case

**Use Case:

I would like a Custom Panel that is visbile on the Request page. Now i want to show a Custom Action link within that Panel only if a Related Task doesnt exist with a Phase of 'Analysis Clinic'. **This will allow us to easily identify that a Task needs creating for someone to action (The Custom Action that it links to will create this).


Now on looking at the Custom Panel documentation you can use the JsonObjects to get related items serialized for me to query using some JS. How do you access $RelatedWork of Case's as there is no field/relationship directly available against the super class Case - it seems you need to find the RelatedWork, then link to a Case?


If JsonObjects isnt available for this use Case I'm presuming I will need to use your RESTful API instead within my custom JS in the Custom Panel?

Gareth Bradley Answered

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RelatedWork is the name of the link between cases and work items. The relation name that describes this link is "$WorkItems" (when "looking" at it from the Case direction).

So, if you want to use this relation in the JsonObjects function, just use $WorkItems

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