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Reporting on Multi Pick Lists


I will explain what we want to be the end result - then how we are currently attempted it (without success):

  1. We have a custom flow which captures information for the Clarizen user
  2. One of fields collected is a multiple pick list (Product A, Product B, Product C etc.)
  3. Another field tracks an activity type (Activity A, Activity B, Activity C etc.)
  4. This custom flow inserts this value into a custom field attached to the activity created by the flow with this information
  5. A report is run to identify how many of Product A, B and C is related to Activity A and How many of Product A, B, C is related to Activty B and so on. This would be a clustered bar graph, Y axis - Total, X Axis - Product, Grouping - Activity

However, as it is a multi pick list the reporting is showing the different combinations as it's own group of data, so instead of differentiating between A, B and C as unique, it will show A, AB, ABC, AC etc

I assume this could be improved by not having the custom field as a "text" field - however by changing it to a reference to a object or something similar we receive the: '1 - New Item' in a configuration named 'Log Tender Activity': 'Task' object 'Product A;Product B' not found.

It only appears to insert the value from the custoemr flow multi pick list into the custom field unless it is text. We are using the function: ToString(picklist variable name) to insert the data into the activity custom field.

Are you able to help explain either what we are missing to get the reporting working or what we need to change in our flow/custom fields.



Tim Wilson Answered

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Hi Tim,

Clarizen now supports grouping relations and multi-select picklist data by individual or actual values. Please refer to this article for more details. I wonder if it will help answer your question.

Kind regards,


Natasha Ormiston
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Hi Tim,


Based on the little I did understand here there might be an issue in the way we are capturing multipick list values in the database and the way we pull them in reporting. However, the issue you are describing here is too complex to fully comprehend the use case and the end result you are trying to achieve. Please submit a support ticket so we can get access to your environment and see the issue within the context of your data.


Please feel free to reopen this thread in case for further questions.




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