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Something like a do...while loop in Clarizen?


Im trying to see if its possible to do something a bit like a do...while loop in Clarizen, if anyone has any tips or pointers that would be much appreciated. I may just be doing something that isnt really possible in Clarizen at this stage.


I need to make it possible for resources to update the amount of time they have spent on multiple tasks in a given day in a single email. Ive build a scheduled workflow rult that emails the resources a list of tasks they have currently assigned on a daily basis. Idea is that they reply to this email putting times against the tasks they have worked on. 


I can make an interact rule that grabs the inbound email and gets the completed task list (example below) and that even grabs say the first 5 entries in the list and creates timesheets for them if they have time against them. However the issue I have is that cant be sure of how long the list is, could be (say) up to 20 tasks. Is there anyway to loop over the list for each line perform the same actions (test if time is against it and make a timesheet record)?

Ive played about with creating request records and then having various workflow rules against them but without any joy so far. 

List Example (as a reply ie with some times against tasks in bold)

P-11210: DG Test - Server Upgrade [ 0%, 50 d Left] 5h 

P-11253: Doug Flexi Leave Tracker [ 0%, 0 d Left]

T-1906: Doug Flexi Annual Leave (11/11 to 20/11) [ 0%, 0 h Left]

T-1819: Doug Flexi Annual Leave (8/12 to 18/12) [ 0%, 0 h Left]

P-11361: Doug Flexi WFH Tracker [ 0%, 25 d Left] 3h

T-1820: Doug Flexi WFH (16/10 to 16/10) [ 0%, 0 h Left]

P-11362: Doug Flexi Training Tracker [ 0%, 3 d Left]

T-1847: Doug Flexi Training (21/10 to 23/10) [ 0%, 3 d Left]


Douglas Guthrie Answered

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I haven't used this functionality too much, but have you explored the "send update request" action? It sends an e-mail notification and allows the user to report on their tasks through a nice web interface (separated from the regular Clarizen interface).

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Hi Douglas,


You can use the update request which I think is the easiest way to make it work. You can how ever to use a more customized solution which will incorporated:

  1. A SWR the leverages the use of variables to generates the email that would be sent to Clarizen.

  2. An Interact rule the could parse the incoming email and update the corresponding tasks.


The second solution is extremely complicated and will probably going to be very hard to cover in one of our Advanced Q&As. I would suggest to contact your Customer Success Manager for help.




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