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Execution threshold for Custom Actions or API calls exceeded

The "Execution threshold for Custom Actions or API calls exceeded (used y of x allowed)" message that may be received from time to time may be seen as a bug but is not.

 Execution Threshold Details

1. This is not a bug, but rather a system message/warning.

2. Customer usually gets two emails. One is a warning (at 75%) and the second when the quota is exceeded.

3. Custom Action and API Calls are counted by multiplying the number of licenses the account has by 1000 (Per hour). This gives you the hourly quota.

4. There is another quota which is for daily quota, but there have been almost no occurrences of customers hitting this threshold.  In order to better understand why this is happening, here are some insights to what could consume the quota:

  • Scheduled Workflow Rules

  • Disable/enable/editing criteria of a Scheduled Workflow Rule will cause the rule to scan all objects in the class for evaluation.

  • Playing with it may cause an account with small number of licenses and huge number of objects to exceed the hourly quota.

  • Bad Workflow Rule designs

  • Workflow Rule which runs on Create or Edit and doesn’t have any criteria or that the criteria is $Field <operator> value may cause the rule to run on all objects on daily project calculations and would exceed the threshold.

  • Extensive use of Data Loader. Playing around with the Data Loader uploads (big batches) which trigger Workflow Rules.

  • Use of many integrations which consume the quota.

  • Bad practice of code for Integrations (i.e. running many API calls in an un-optimized way).


1. Understand that this is just a warning.

2. Remember that this is an hourly quota and the issue may not reoccur. For example, if a Scheduled Workflow Rule just ran and now a user is trying to do something which exceeds the quota, it will likely work in an hour.

  1. Look to see if there have been any changes to the system.
  • New Scheduled Workflow Rule/Workflow Rule
  • Mass upload of data (Data Loader)
  • New integration (that may be using Workflow Rules or API calls).

4. Review the Workflow rules or to see if criteria is defined correctly (have the Workflow triggered by Changes i.e. the use of IsChanged() or IsTriggreredBy() functions or narrow down the criteria in some way so that the rule does not run on all objects when not necessary.

  1. Reach out to your Account Manager to work with someone in Clarizen to narrow down how to optimize your environment.
Boris Krutiy Answered

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