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Trying to connect to to server using Webservice API

I am trying to connect to Clarizen server using the Webservice API. I am also doing this inside a .net web application. However, when I try to connect it says connection can not be made. When I brought the Webservice in thru a R=web reference  I got a Folder with several Items in it when doing it thru a desktop project it comes in a an object . Not sure if this makes a different

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Hi Douglas.

I'm afraid I do not have enough information to point to a problem.

With .Net you usually create a Service Reference, or a Web Reference (the .NET 2.0-3.5 way). Visual Studio may create several files, including a proxy class which you eventually use. 

You have to create an instance of the proxy class and then trigger the Login method.

At what point do you get the error?

It's also possible you're organization's security configuration blocks something. Can you reach through your web browser?

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